New marijuana products are hitting the shelves and internet every day. From new-age pieces, to cleaning tools, edibles— you name it, there’s probably a version of it somewhere waiting to be discovered. But most recently, one product has his the market that is revolutionizing the way we dose. From edibles, concentrates, and even flower— the tCheck potency tester gives at-home patients and recreational users the ability to accurately test the potency of their products. That’s right, gone are the days of eyeballing it and hoping for the best. Now? You have access to an affordable, easy-to-use device that gives you the option of a more precise experience.

tCheck In-Home Potency Tester: A New Approach to Home Dosing

This machine is still in its start-up phase, with the first models set to roll out next month. But even in their infancy, they are gaining huge notoriety. If you think about it, this machine gives individual users the ability to dose as well as any dispensary or cannabis connoisseur. This gives each person the ability to do-it-yourself, beginning to end, and know what they are going to get.

The way it works is pretty simple. You take a drop of whatever you’re testing: concentrate, canna butter, or flower, and the tCheck machine essentially runs different wavelengths of light through it. When they do this, the wavelengths are able to detect how many herbal compounds are present. This information tells your tCheck device exactly how potent your product is. Obviously there’s a bit more hard science (and big words) involved, but for us little guys— we can leave it at that.

Medicinal Benefit

tCheck machine with tester slide

Recreational users don’t typically worry so much about a precise dosage. After all, it is a ‘fun substance’ for them— if you will. But when it comes to medicinal patients: dosing is imperative. Cannabis functions differently in your body when you need it, versus when you want it. This became extremely clear to me when I spoke to a mother from the activist group, MAMMA (Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism). She said to me:

“When comparing to pharmaceuticals: an individual with ADHD needs Adderall to bring balance, versus the effects you feel when abusing Adderall. When these kids need it to balance their brain, it does just that. But when someone doesn’t need it— it becomes psychoactive. Same goes with cannabis”

You can learn more about MAMMA on their website here. Or you can read our premiere piece about them here. In reading these, you can understand why dosing is so essential for medicinal users. While recreational users are looking to obtain a nondescript high, a medical patient is looking for an accurate dosage to meet and satisfy their particular needs.

tCheck is a unique, affordable, accurate potency tester that can better aid any user in having a precise experience. They release in December, and are still available for pre-order. So check it out! Spread the word, and help smokers discover new ways to enhance their experience every time!