If you’re new to cannabis, you might not be sure how to go about consuming it. You’ve heard a ton of good things, and you likely want to try all of them. But I’m here to tell you… take your time. Starting slow is the way to go when it comes to cannabis. You’ve probably seen the stereotypical smokers on TV. The dumb, lethargic, clueless stoner who always seems to be a few steps behind everyone else. Obviously, this is a stereotype— and not that of the average smoker. But I’m here to tell you… that could be your result if you go at too much too fast.

Starting Slow for First-Time Smokers: Keeping it Light

Cannabis is a promising tool. One that can benefit your anxiety, your body pain, your appetite issues, and even your headache. But the key here, is going slow enough to appreciate these benefits. Sure, you want to smoke a joint. You’ve always seen people do it, and when you decided to start smoking cannabis— this was at the top of your list. So, go for it— but minimally at first.

I might sound too cautious… but overwhelming yourself is a possibility

Overdosing on cannabis in the sense of what you consider a drug overdose is really not possible. But, overindulgence can have it’s fair share of negative side effects for some. Many people report heightened anxiety after consuming too much, or that ‘couch lock’ feeling. Marijuana isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of substance— as I’m sure you know. Tolerance, body weight, and mental health are all factors that people take into account when they decide what works for them.

So, where should I start?

One hit! If you’re new to the game, and don’t know what you need, it’s important to understand that less really can be more. Plus, it’s important to remember that you can always top it off with a little bit more. If you’re trying a joint— take one puff and give it ten minutes. Feel fine? Go ahead and take one more. It’s important to remember that weed will be there. You don’t have to put yourself into a negative space just so that you ‘get the full experience’. The best experiences I’ve heard about from smokers have been when they took their time.

Smoke a little bit, and get out into the world

The best thing about living in a legal state is being able to explore it… high! You might have mountains, rivers, oceans, concerts… there’s a whole world out there to explore and cannabis can arguably make it that much better. So, this is why we encourage starting slow. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable, because you’re missing out on a whole lot if you do.