The marijuana revolution is coming. We talk about it every time a new state legalizes and finally gets with the program when it comes to medical cannabis. But, the latest state to entertain the idea might surprise you… when it comes to South Carolia, the general population typically thinks of the Old South. Old ideals, the Southern elite, and a slower-than-dirt approach to progressivism. But, as the times change— so do the overall sentiment of a state. Our nation is changing, and with it, comes a revolution about the ‘war on drugs’.

The modern day war on drugs focuses more on the opioid epidemic, which has led to people searching for an answer. Lo and behold— medical marijuana no longer seemed like the big bad wolf. But what could this mean for South Carolina? As of now, it’s very unsure— and could die off the same way it did last year. But in the mean time, we speculate…

South Carolina Considers Proposed Medical Marijuana Bill

The governor has yet to comment on which route he would take if the medical marijuana bill hit his desk. His signature will be the deciding factor, once again, if the bill makes it that far. For plenty of us, it’s very doubtful. We have watched this happen for years and years in plenty of different states, and this bill itself missed the 2017 deadline, too.

Senator Tom Davis of Beaufort says that he wants “A bill that everyone is satisfied with.”” He goes on to show concern for law enforcement, the population, and avoiding recreational use for now. Davis is the sponsor for the bill, although expressing a strict view on medical cannabis only. But, for now, the approving citizens, 60% to 80%, are on board and senate has decided to pay attention to their cries.

A Quick Deadline

As of now, the bill is only seeing approval from a state senate committee, which leaves plenty of room for veto or death of the bill as it marches on. Especially being that the deadline for getting it onto the floor is April 10th. We all know that we’ve seen bills with more time still go unnoticed, but there’s always room for hope.

Medical cannabis in South Carolina has been around in some capacity for a few years now, although very strict. In 2014, a bill was passed that allowed ‘marijuana derived medicine’ to be used for one specific avenue of epilepsy. Now, some people are looking for increased access to marijuana as medicine. So, it’s time to keep your eyes peeled. April 10th could show promise, or it could be one more notch in the belt of opposed parties. Until then, we wait.