When we look for brands and products to feature, we’re searching for something unique: a product and company that’s practical, passionate, and designed with you in mind. That’s why when we came across Sana Canna, we had to reach out. Sana Canna is a lifestyle brand that arose during a time within it’s creator’s own life that begged for the products she created. Silvana has had a passion for alternative healing practices since her late teens. From that passion came Sana Canna — a holistic, completely vegan, perfectly simple, apothecary-based brand that uses CBD, amongst other botanicals and oils, to promote mind, body, and spirit wellness. Two products in particular that have gotten a lot of attention, are their CBD & hempseed oil tinctures, as well as their Alivia body oil…


Sana Canna: Healing your Body, Inside and Out


CBD & Hempseed Oil Tincture

If you’re familiar with CBD tinctures at all, you know there are plenty of variations out there. The most common issue that people run into, or at least should run into, is sourcing quality CBD tincture. When it comes to finding a quality tincture, you want the ingredients to be simple, pure, and ethically sourced. 

Sana Canna

CBD & Hempseed Tincture

That is exactly what has made the CBD & Hempseed Oil tincture such a breakout hit for Sana Canna. It’s simple in all senses of the word— the ingredient list is short, the product is handmade, and the CBD concentrate faces testing both independently, and in house. When I look for a new CBD oil, safety and ethicality of products are my number one concern. Thankfully, this product checks all of those boxes. 

What can I use it for? 

Because this tincture is safe to use both internally, and externally, there are a number of applications. Internally? If you ingest it, the oil can help ease ‘an array of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments”, as well as provide a relaxing and calming effect quite immediately. Externally, these tinctures can treat skin issues, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. Personally, I’ve always used CBD oil with a ‘put that sh*t’ sentiment. Headache? CBD oil. Cramps? CBD oil. Fatigue? Restlessness? Yep… you guessed it. Think of CBD as a more reliable, safer, holistic over-the-counter pain reliever. 

Alivia Body Oil

Sana Canna’s second breakout product? The Alivia body oil, a topical product. This product is primarily for pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation, and let me just say— it’s nothing short of a work of art. When I asked Silvana what makes this product so popular amongst her other options, she simply said, “it’s popular because it works!” it’s an all-natural pain reliever, with ingredients from Sana Canna’s own little medicinal garden. In short, it works quickly, effectively, and it smells (and looks) amazing. All in all, it’s a product that we got behind quickly. 

What makes their plants and ingredients more reliable than some others?
Sana Canna

Alivia Body Oil

If you’ve read any of our other product features, you know that plant sourcing is always a begging question for us. When I asked about the plants, and what the main priority was in sourcing them,

Silvana said that the goal is: ‘organic, local, and preferably grown by us.” As for the CBD concentrate that they use for certain products?  That comes from either Colorado or the UK. They have their products go through independent lab testing for quality, and then they test the products again themselves. You can even check out those results for yourself, here.

The best products, and brands, arise from a personal need…

And that’s just what Sana Canna is and was to Silvana Zamara. After a difficult time in her own life, a friend recommended Cannabis to help ease the severe insomnia and PTSD she was struggling with. Quickly, she found the relief, and sleep, she needed to face those issues head on. At this time, she added cannabis to her own toolkit for facing issues within her own body and mind. Then, with time and development, she brought her beautiful version of this medicine to the rest of us, via Sana Canna.


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