Staying hip to the lingo within cannabis culture can be tough. There are new developments every day, and new terms people are using to describe their experience. We’ve all heard of 420. The legend of 420 is something of folklore to the smoking community, and while the true story has made it’s way out— there are still the false ones floating around. But, you might not have heard of 710. 710 is the most recent pot culture holiday to come forward, and it’s pretty clever— I must say.

710: The Newest Pot Culture Holiday

What is 710?

Okay, get ready— I’m about to blow your mind. Get a sheet of paper, and write ‘710’ on it. Now, flip that sheet of paper over. What does it say? OIL!!! I know, stoners are the craziest bunch on the planet. This one doesn’t have so clear a backstory as 420 does— as the date is kinda based on how it looks. It’s a term, and a pot culture holiday, that mades it’s way to the mainstream only a couple of years ago.

What is oil?

Oil is referring to any kind of concentrate that you can smoke. From shatter, to crumble, honeycomb, budder, and everything in between. Basically it’s any type of wax or concentrate. Oil is just a good way of generalizing the term. Plus, I don’t know of a date that looks like ‘wax’ when you write it. So, for now, we’ll stick with 710

How do we celebrate?

Go to your local dispensary, pick up your favorite type of concentrate, and dedicate that next hit to whatever genius made this day a stoner holiday. If you’ve never smoked concentrate before, ask your bud tender what he suggests. He might point you in the direction of one of those pre-loaded pens. They’re the most fool proof and can provide you with a good introduction to the world of wax. But, buyer beware— this stuff is pretty potent. So if you’re new to it— take a hit and give yourself 10 minutes or so before you go for round 2. You’ll find that one hit of concentrate is a tad bit stronger than one hit of your flower.

Other than that, start small, have fun, and celebrate in style!