When it comes to modern day medicine, a lot of people have hesitations. Why might that be? Between large pharmaceutical companies offering doctors office incentives, advertisements on the TV for specific medications, the never-ending list of side effects, and not to mention— the ever-increasing threat of opioid crisis. So what seems to be the response? For a lot of people, the response has been medical cannabis.

Medical Cannabis vs Pharmaceuticals for Autism and Other Conditions

Medical cannabis as it stands now can be administered as treatment for a number of things. From muscle pains and aches, nausea, headaches, appetite stimulant, chemotherapy side effects, and most recently, for epilepsy and even autism. As research marches on, we are finding more and more ways in which medical cannabis is beneficial on its own or in tandem with other treatments.

Recently I spoke with an advocacy group called MAMMA, Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism, and they discussed how cannabis has come to benefit their children suffering from autism. For some of the children who suffer from random violent episodes, cannabis tinctures and oils have come to help them control these outbursts. One mother even talked about her child who was eight years old and nonverbal. “What I’ve found is— when people get desperate then they come and ask for help. When they have lupus, fibromyalgia… people open their minds when they’re desperate…

…I was never a smoker. I fed into the propaganda, but when your child is 8 years old and can’t speak you become open-minded.”

Those words coming out of her mouth answered a lot of questions for me. Mostly in terms of why people turn away from large pharmaceutical companies. When you have a child with autism who’s sole pharmaceutical relief options offered are in form of the only two existing autism medications you start to try and figure out your alternatives. Not to mention, the side effects of those autism medications are often as severe as the aspects they are treating. Such as aggression, developing new ticks, and the like.

The biggest question I had when speaking with these MAMMA’s was if there were any specific strains that help children with autism specifically. But to that, there is no easy answer. Medical cannabis, just as pharmaceuticals, are not a one-size-fits-all system.

Everyones body reacts differently to every single thing, therefore you have to tailor your regimen to that…

Whether it be in terms of pharmaceuticals or in terms of medical cannabis. In the end, what you put into your body and the types of medicine you believe in is all up to you. What works for me might not work for someone else. And, when it comes to medical cannabis, many people just don’t believe in the medicinal properties… and that’s alright! The form of medicine you choose solely affects you and your body, so no matter what, do your research. Look up the potential side effects, how it works, and how it interacts with your body. In the end, make the best decision for you!