As marijuana legalization gains more and more ground, people are finding more and more ways to include it in every aspect of their lives. The newest move? Cannabis bouquets fit for a queen. You can run through the likes of Pinterest, reveling over the ways in which those infamous leaves grace the photos of weddings across the (legalized) nation. Or, you could head over to Lowell Herb Co. and check out the bouquet yourself.

Lowell Herb Co. Cannabis Bouquets: A New Wave of Infusion

There are a few people playing with the idea— usingmarijuana leaves as part of their bouquet, that is. But there is something distinct about the way in which this company is doing it. For one, they center the bouquet around a full ounce of unclipped, organic, beautiful buds. So, naturally, this thing goes for a pretty penny— but it is dual-purpose, which makes it easier to justify to your wallet.

You’ll bring a smile to the receivers, or your wedding guests’, faces and also have an ounce of sickly sweet buds waiting for you after your pictures. But just a quick piece of advice, I wouldn’t tosst

How did this thing get its start?

Lowell Herb Co.’s 1 oz. bouquet

It all began on one faithful Valentines Day… perfect right? It was released in a small quantity, only 500 of them were made, and the cult-like following began. With one, hearty ounce pillowed between wildflowers and greenery— you can’t help but stop and salivate at the prospect of your honey gifting one of these babies.

Lowell Farms itself began in the Spring of 1909 with a spirited Indian hemp grower and a purpose. Before the days of outlawed cannabis, William “Bull” Lowell was growing in California. As law changed,he never did. While his farm was shut down and he was carted off to jail— his fighting spirit stuck with those who would revive his name, his mission, and his farm.

What else do they offer?

Their selection is not huge, but you and I both know when it comes to cannabis, quality beats quantity ever single time. They offer pre-rolled smokes. They come in a pack of 7 or 14, andare each .5 gram per pre-roll of high-grade, organic flower. No trim, no shake, no bull— just quality cannabis that tests between 22-25% THC every time.

What makes them different?

They break it down quite simply on their website, so I’m taking it straight from the horses mouth:

We grow our flowers with only organic fertilizer.

We never use synthetic pesticides

We pay our farmers a proper living wage

We use natural materials from seed to sale

Lowell Herb Co. is not reinventing the wheel, or changing the way that things are done. What they are doing is honoring a century-long tradition of giving a damn about what they give and take from this earth. It doesn’t start, nor end, with cannabis bouquets— although those babies are the coolest thing since sliced bread. It starts and ends with creating a product and a legacy worth honoring.

You can find access to Lowell Herb Co. through their website and through their social media.