As you may know, artful infusion is a focus of ours over here at Weed for Wellness. So, when we saw this product we knew we had to give it a shoutout. LEVO Oil is revolutionizing the way in which we infuse butter and oil— for cooking, that is. The LEVO oil infuser is the first premium kitchen appliance that allows you to infuse at the simple touch of a button. It’s simple, it’s easy to clean, and it’s pretty cheap considering what it does.

LEVO Oil Infuser: Revolutionizing Easy, Small Batch Infusion

What can you do with infused oil?

First of all, anything. Second of all, using infused oil is as simple as cooking with it, drizzling it on top of your meal, or even pouring it in your mouth— although we wouldn’t suggest that… gross. But, in all seriousness, infused oil can turn anything into an edible. Our cooking with cannabis page is chock full of options, or you can swap out the oil in any recipe to infuse it. Our one warning is this: do not get it too hot. In doing so, you lose out on a lot of the potency.

Why this brand over any others?

The Avocado LEVO Oil Infuser — A portion of the proceeds go to the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue.

LEVO pays special attention to customer needs. From easy cleanup, to no-brainer instructions, and not to mention— clean taste. LEVO put years of development into a product that allows people to create a precise, delicious, infused product that is perfect for any consumer— no matter their potency standard. The best part is, you don’t even just have to use this device for cannabis infusion.

Ultimately, you can take any herb and any oil— and infuse from there. You want garlic olive oil? Go for it. Rosemary grapeseed oil? Let us know how delicious it turns out. The point is, you don’t have to be a cannabis user to enjoy the LEVO Oil infuser. They make it easy, foolproof, and autonomous to use. Plus it comes in a few cute colors. The purchase of an ‘avocado’, or green, infuser donates a portion of the proceeds to the Mile High Weimaraner Rescue. So, you get to save the pups, and infuse your oil in one fell swoop.

One of their most fantastic features…

One LEVO’s website, there is a ‘Get Cooking’ tab that is arguably the coolest thing since sliced bread. When infusing oil, you want to make sure you cook for the correct amount of time, and on the correct temperature. This might sound daunting, but LEVO has it handled for you. Under that tab, you can select from a long list of oils, and herbs. From there, it will explain to you the benefits of each, and the amount of time and temperature you should use to infuse it properly. From vanilla, to pepper, to flower, to rose petals— they have your infusion down to a science so you can skip the guessing game.

All in all, the LEVO Oil Infuser is a superior product

From the sleek and modular product design, to the fool-proof methods, and everything in between— LEVO makes their product easy to love and easy to use. It comes highly recommended when you want to infuse, but youaren’t quite sure how to do so. It’s so easy to scorch your butter or oil the first time by. So, if infusion is something you plan to do over and over again— skip the stress, and that nasty first batch, and scoop one of these babies. Your edibles will thank you.

We’ve linked to the product above, but just for safe measure, you can find access to their product here and to their time/temperature chart here.

Happy infusing!