As our days march on, it seems more and more studies are highlighting the fantastic health benefits of CBD. From helping our pups, to easing our migraines, and even aiding the *hopeful* end of an opioid epidemic— CBD is seemingly the answer as of late. But, when it comes to sourcing CBD, it’s important to take the time and do the research. Our latest, and arguably greatest, discovery has been that of Fully Activated. They have a pretty fantastic, and ever-growing, line of products. From tinctures, to salves, after-tattoo care, and even treats for your pups. But the one that’s stuck out the most to me? Their Full Spectrum CBD Salve. It focuses in on muscle, bone, and skin care, and I’ve got tons to say about it…

Fully Activated: Full Spectrum CBD Salve

First off, let’s dive into how Fully Activated CBD differs from other CBD brands and strains?

Fully Activated Full Spectrum CBD Salve (2 oz.)

For starters, to understand what they’re doing, you have to understand that hemp plants are pretty susceptible to what’s in it’s soil. So toxic soil= toxins in the plant. But, Fully Activated has eradicated this. By breeding their own strain of CBD-dominant hemp, using organic, outdoor growing methods, and a better refining process— they’ve been able to establish 99.98% pure (!!!) CBD to make their products with. That’s pretty substantial. Talk about having a peace of mind when you use their products.

What stands out about the Full Spectrum CBD Salve?

Well, when I began testing the product, I used a ‘put that sh*t on everything’ kind of approach. My friend had a back ache? Slap it on there. Migraine? Put it on where it hurts. PMS? Give it a whirl. Sore from the gym? Here, try this. For about a week now, it has been the answer to any of my ailments. With time, I found that the CBD salve worked by keeping the pain at bay, almost instantly, and with a few more minutes— relaxed it away completely. This type of effect seemed to be the general consensus for every person I said, “here, try this…”

How much CBD is in it?

You can find purchasing options for the product here, and your options for dosage are either 1) a 2 oz. container, with 1000 mg of CBD, or 2) a 4 oz. container, with 2000 mg of CBD. So, ultimately, the dosing is the same, it just doubles when the size of the product doubles.

In what kind of ways can you use the salve?

There are a few different ways mentioned up top. But, ultimately, you can use this product any way you’d like! It works for aches, pains, tension, migraines, or even a massage! CBD is pretty non-invasive, and holistic. So, you can use it just like you’d use any sort of pain-relieving cream or lotion. It’s hydrating for skin conditions, dulls pain away, reduces inflammation, and even eases anxiety…

How does Fully Activated make the product?

First, they craft a combination of ‘carefully selected, organic healing herbs and oils”. Then, they steep that combination at a low temperature for a few weeks, to a month. You might be wondering what herbs and oils made the cut. So, I’ll list some of the ingredients for you off of the container: “calendula, chamomile, comfrey, lavender, olive oil, coconut oil, arnica oil, shea butter…” By taking the time to let all of those elements fully combine, they’re allowing each customer to reap the full health benefits of each ingredient, in one pretty little package.

Fully Activated puts a lot of love into their products…

There’s no denying that Fully Activated has put a lot of love and life into the products they create. From breeding their own strain of CBD-rich hemp plants, to providing the actual lab results for their CBD isolates, see that here, and even providing a list of questions to ask when buying CBD. They want each person, customer or not, to be able to reap the true benefits of ethical, high-quality, helpful CBD. At the top of their website, you see a motto: ‘for the benefit of ALL beings,’ and their model rings true to that sentiment.

So, if you’re curious about their business, process, CBD salve, or any other products— their site is sure to answer your questions. While you’re there, make sure to keep an eye out for new products (and even the occasional discount!). We hope you find what you’re looking for in your search for better healing methods.

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