While nation-wide recreational cannabis is a goal of ours, medical cannabis is at the forefront of the fight. There are people who need this medicine and who live a better life through this medicine. People who suffer from seizures and epilepsy, are at the center of that necessity. And up until the end of last month, it was largely inaccessible. But then, news broke of a potentially life-changing move by the FDA. The U.S., and FDA, have approved the first marijuana-based medicine for epilepsy and seizure treatment. The medicine is specific, and only caters to a small grouping of people. But, it’s a sign of progress within our government, and hopefully, a foreboding of what’s to come… 

FDA Legalizes First Marijuana-Based Medicine: Hope for Epilepsy and Seizure Sufferers

The medicine is Epidiolex, and it aims to treat two rare forms of epilepsy that begin in childhood. The treatment is targeted towards children and adults with ‘hard-to-treat’ seizures in those with epilepsy. Not to mention, it’s the first of it’s kind to acknowledge, and benefit from, medical CBD. 

Before, they FDA was experimenting with synthetic versions of cannabis to try and treat a number of different ailments. However, before and still, cannabis faces alienation from the FDA because of it’s reputation, and an age-old war on drugs. 

Doctors are largely supportive 

When it comes to children suffering from epilepsy and seizures, parents and doctors often scramble, hoping to find that miracle in a bottle to help these children. For many, that came in the form of, largely illegal, CBD and medical cannabis. So, there has been an overarching support from doctors when it comes to adding this medicine to their pharmacopeia. 

Parents are relieved 

One mother in particulate discussed her battle with CBS news. She discusses her thirteen year old daughter, who has suffered from qualifying seizures since she was a few months old. She discussed relocating her family to a legal state in search of treatment. Then, when Epidiolex was hosting a trial, they decided to give it a shot. The trial proved successful for their family. The mother attests to the fact that her daughter was able to better concentrate, and suffered from fewer severe seizures. This is one story amongst many, and we understand that. However, we see an overarching relief from parents of children who suffer greatly from, what could be, much more easily treated by legal cannabis. 

What does this mean for the future of medical cannabis nationwide? 

As of right now, the nagging question is: what becomes of medical cannabis now? It’s taken decades for the FDA to make this huge move, but hopefully, it’s only the beginning. While CBD is a miracle medicine; it’s a miracle medicine for more than just one grouping of people. Not to mention, there are still some seizure and epilepsy sufferers who won’t respond well to CBD, but would to THC. Hearing the news that the FDA has legalized the first marijuana-based medicine is huge. But, it only makes us question more and more when we, as a nation, will take the plunge. But, for now, we’ll take the victory and watch for the next big move!