Edible cannabis and hemp are on the rise in a time when more and more people are beginning to explore the medicinal, and recreational, benefits of this magical plant. From oil infusion, to tinctures, and our latest exploration, Potli CBD honey — the options are nearly limitless for the everyday edible fan. Potli honey, in both CBD and THC varieties, is a fresh exploration into what it means to be a modern day edible, and the many, many directions you can take in reaching your desired result. But, what is it about Potli in particular that has us so intrigued? 

Potli CBD Honey: Exploring Intentional, Ethical Edibles

Potli is the pet project of two best friends, Christine Yi and Felicity Chen, who were itching to build a business from the ground up. They had full-time jobs and, at the time, were tending to Potli as a passion project. The product itself was originally intended for Felicity’s mother, who suffers from asthma — but also had a strong negative connotation towards cannabis. 

At the center of Potli’s creation, is the idea and hope ‘to change the emotional response to cannabis in so many from intimidation and uncertainty to excitement and joy’ — including their own mothers. By presenting cannabis, and CBD, within a low-intervention, familiar package, they hope to reintroduce cannabis to those who doubt and fear it. 

Potli CBD Honey

Felicity and Christine started out by producing a cannabis infused line exclusively for California— their home state. However, after a little time with their product, they decided to test out a CBD specific product. Being that cannabis/THC is not legal across all fifty states, CBD gave them an opportunity to expand their brand, and bring their product to a larger audience. 

Intentional, Ethical Products 

When asked about their main intentions for the product, Felicity and Christine stressed the importance of honest products that promote mental and physical health. No additives, nothing unnecessary— merely an enhancement of the products that nature put forth for us. Quite obviously, being that the product is honey, consumption is going to be the most common use. But, that’s not to say you’re limited by Potli CBD Honey.

Honey is popular for it’s effectiveness in fighting burns, aiding diabetics, psoriasis, and so much more. So, consider making a face mask, soothing that cooking burn, or something of the like. Honey is great for your skin, and so is CBD. Together? They might just be the perfect combination you’ve been looking for. 

Homegrown Honey

At the root of Potli’s mission and intention, is to source their ingredients in a local, sustainable, and ethical way. Take the honey itself for example: Potli’s honey is harvested from the wildflowers that grow around Felicity’s family home in California’s East Bay. 

Their Next Step? 

Nearly from the start, Potli has focused on two products— CBD infused honey, and THC infused honey. However, that’s not to say they’re a one-trick pony. Most recently, this dynamic duo has cultivated a hemp-infused, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. For anyone who uses olive oil like I do— then you know that this is a big move. You can make dressings, cook your proteins, douse your bread… The options are limitless. 

My Impression: 

When I began my journey with Potli CBD honey, I embraced it with open arms. Often times with edible CBD products, that ‘weedy’ taste can be overwhelming. However, I didn’t find that issue with this product. I added the honey to my tea in the mornings, into dressing for a yummy asparagus salad, a spoonful here and there.

Potli CBD honey was mild, sweet, and that grassy flavor fell into the background and became more of a compliment than an issue. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this product, and consider myself a fan. The dosage is low, making it a low-intervention product, and a great place for newcomers to start. 

There are plenty of products out there to give you CBD goodness from head to toe, to belly. But not all of those products have the customer in mind. That’s simply not the case for Potli. Their products are ethical, local, and careful from start to finish. If you’re in the market for a new, low-dose edible that can be used in any number of ways— Potli is just the place for you.

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