You’ve been a toker for a while now, it’s part of your routine— whether it be for fun or medicinal necessity. Cannabis has become a part of your life in many ways. But, you’ve fallen in love with a nonsmoker. So, what do you do? How do you continue being who you are, and keeping your habits, without losing the person you love? We’re going to help you figure it out. There are growing pains in any relationship, yours just happens to be about cannabis.

Dating a Nonsmoker: Being You and Being Respectful
First things first, sit down and talk about it

If they know you smoke but you guys haven’t really gotten around to talking about it— have the conversation. Lay it out there, and ask them what their expectations are. Do they expect you to stop? Do they expect you to keep it away from them? Figure out what they’re thinking, and then go from there. You have to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Figure out what it is about cannabis that bothers them. Is it the smell, memories— or is just uncharted territory for them? Figure out what triggers that dislike and work around it. If they don’t like the smell, smoke outside. It’s all about finding that sweet spot for compromise.

Create a system

The both of you together should establish a system for it. Assuming that you continue to smoke, figure out ways to do it without inconveniencing your partner. You want them to accept who you are, but you have to do the same for them. Smoke on the balcony, get a spliff— do what you’ve got to do to satisfy your wants and needs, as well as doing the same for them.

Respect their choice but don’t make it taboo

‘Come on, just try it one more time…’ and things to this effect are pushy and not very nice. When you have the initial conversation, you can tell them that if they’d ever like to give it a try, to let you know. But make that promise not to push it, or try to get them to do it. You enjoy smoking, but you’re dating a nonsmoker. Accept them at that, but it’s still okay to get a bit giddy if they wanna give it a shot.

It’s also okay to talk about cannabis in a normal setting without being pushy. If the topic comes up, share some of the things you know about cannabis. Just because they don’t smoke, doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to learn about it a bit. Tell them random things you know, or what you hear in the news. You don’t have to make it taboo

Don’t hide it

You shouldn’t have to hide your habits in a relationship. If you’ve had that healthy conversation with your significant other, you know when and where is comfortable for them. If you want to smoke, do it. But don’t do it and then try to hide it. That’s where the issues might start. Be your awesome self, and let them be too.