CBD is useful for a number of reasons and in a number of ways. One means in particular, is by way of Creating Better Days sublingual CBD Oil. This oil is crafted from pharmaceutical grade coconut oil, with consumer preference and dietary restrictions in mind. Gone are the days of ‘eyeballing’ your dosage. Instead, you have the option of a quick, ethically crafted, controlled dose that will ‘hit’ your system a little bit quicker.

Creating Better Days Sublingual CBD Oil

What does sublingual mean?

Sublingual refers to the way in which you administer the oil which, in this case, means you hold it under your tongue before you swallow it. Doing this allows active ingredients to be absorbed by mucus membranes, in turn, bypassing the digestive system for a quicker onset time. In short, putting it under your tongue gives it quicker access to your bloodstream. Therefore, you get quicker access to the relief you need.

What’s it for?

Creating Better Days 500 mg Sublingual CBD Oil

you know, CBD is legal in all 50 states and it doesn’t have those same psychoactive effects. Therefore, it can really be helpful in easing any ailment, of any kind, in any state. From muscle aches, migraines, PMS symptoms, insomnia, epilepsy— the list really does go on and on. And, because the psychoactive gets skipped in this compound— the audience is much wider. CBD can be considered medical marijuana— without the high. Which, for some, could be the major selling point. You get the fantastic medical assistance, without worrying about, say, failing a drug test or affecting your brains.

Where should I start?

If you’re new to CBD, the best rule of thumb is to always start small. Creating Better Days has a multitude of milligram options, the smallest being 150 mg. So, if you’re new to it— maybe start there. But, tolerance is dependent upon a number of different factors, and there is no one-size-fits-all or one answer. Your weight, previous usage, among other factors can sway the way in which it affects your system. There’s no harm in starting small, because you can always increase if need be.

What makes this one better than the others?

Creating Better Days Sublingual CBD Oil: “delivers a full spectrum extract with pharmaceutical grade MCT (coconut) oil and organic terpenes used for healing. Developed to be non-psychoactive using organic growing practices, this formula provides naturally occurring antioxidants and is gluten free, non-GMO, and vegan.” So, this stuff is high-quality and it keeps in mind a diverse consumer base that might need access to an oil that is friendly to any and all specific needs. You also have the option of choosing you milligrams when you purchase. Their most requested option is a 500 mg bottle, which equals out to about 33 MG per ML according to their website.

The best thing about Creating Better Days is that they give you options.

The sublingual oil was our focus— but it is most definitely not their only product. They offer CBD for pets, concentrates, skin care, edibles, and other oils. So check them out! Edibles can be found in local head shops or dispensaries, and the majority of their products can be found through their website. CBD is a fantastic alternative medicine and it is available to you no matter where you are within the nation!