If you’re familiar with our page in any degree, you know that we hold a group called MAMMA close to our hearts. They are a group of mothers that are advocating for autism to become a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. These parents, and many others, have daughters and sons that face every day along with facing autism. Some, or most, of these children deal with debilitating effects, and many of them hurt themselves in the process. So, when they found medical marijuana— their children found peace. It’s not a one-size-fits-all medicine. But, with so many variations, it has become, for many, a great tool to have in their toolkit. So, when Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper vetoed a measure that could have provided medical access to people on the spectrum— the public couldn’t help but shake their heads in disappointment. 

Colorado Governor Rejects Autism as a Qualifying Condition

1/9 vetoes delivered since the start of 2018…

The veto came in on Tuesday, just hours before voters took to the ballot boxes and Colorado governor Hickenlooper was set to leave office. Instead? He pushed through a measure for workforce development— a priority he’d had over the two terms within which he held office. “If we sign that bill we end up, without question, in some way encouraging more young people to look at {medical marijuana} as an antidote for their problems.” This was the message he delivers to reporters after vetoing this measure, as well as 8 others since the start of 2018. 

A while ago, we also discussed the potential of marijuana tasting rooms. They would be similar to breweries in that you can try before you buy. However, this measure was one of the other 8 measures that were vetoed, along with the hopes for people on the spectrum. 

Families rally in his waiting room 

There were nearly half a dozen families sitting in the waiting room; hoping the Colorado Governor would be signing the bill. But, that moment never came for them. The governor took time to meet with the families, before vetoing the bill, but did not speak on which direction he was headed in. 

For many of these families, marijuana is a last-resort. Not a starting place. Many of these families are fighting every day to find a better means of medicine for their children. Depending on where they fall on the spectrum, many of these children will become aggressive; hurting themselves and the people around them. One of these mothers from MAMMA describes these aggressive moments as: “almost like their brains are on fire and cannabis can put that fire out.” 

Not one-size-fits-all, but versatile 

If you’re unfamiliar with cannabis, its easy to picture ‘dumbed out pot heads sleeping on a pile of cheetos’. But, if you take the time to research, look into strain benefits, and intake methods— you might come to understand what makes it such an versatile medicine. High CBD strains, High THC strains, hybrids, indica’s, sativa’s, capsules, vaporizers, tinctures, skin salves… Medical cannabis has a quick onset time, and the effects can wear off quickly (depending on intake method). Not to mention, the effects vary from one method to the other. So, if one method doesn’t work for you— you have options. The key here is that there are options, methods, and strains that might work for children with autism in a way that prescriptions can’t.

“What I’ve found is— when people get desperate, then they come and ask for help. When they have lupus, fibromyalgia, cancer… people open their minds when they’re desparate. I was never a smoker; I fed into the propaganda, but when your eight year old can’t speak, you become open-minded. That’s when you find those people seeking it out, because pharmaceuticals aren’t working…”