If you are a regular health nut, as well as a cannabis consumer— you’re probably pretty into infusions. But, when it comes to healthy oil infusion— many people don’t think past extra-virgin olive oil. But, what you might not know is that coconut oil is arguably the best type of oil to use for infusions. You can use it on your skin, in your breakfast, and ultimately, in any way you want. But what makes it so special? And why should I choose coconut over my tried and true olive oil?

Coconut Oil for Cannabis Infusion: The Benefits and Uses

What makes it the best?

Coconut oil has the highest potency when it comes to saturated fats. And if you know anything about why we use oils and butters to infuse cannabis— you know it has something to do with how THC binds to fat. The more fat— the more effective to binding with THC. So infused coconut oil offers a cleaner, longer lasting high than, say, olive oil or canola oil.

Other than it’s potency, it’s super versatile and useable in a number of ways. I know you’ve heard too many people say “pours coconut oil onto my entire life”. It’s seen as a modern day holistic cure-all. So, you add cannabis into the mix— and you really can put it on everything.

What can I use it for?

Coconut is one of the most versatile oils out there. It stays solid at room temperature, it melts down quickly, and it can be used besides just cooking. While you can cook with it, you can also use it for massage, moisturizing, pain relief, or anything of the sort. While massaging it into your skin won’t give you a huge ‘buzz’, it provides incredible relief for muscle pain.

The great thing about coconut, is that the taste is pretty good on it’s own. While infusing it with cannabis will take a little of that away (or increase it, depending on your taste buds), it’s great to use for cannabis infused baking. Coconut oil combines beautifully, and also adds a distinct and delicious flavor.