Warm days are upon us. So, it’s time to take to the outdoors and enjoy a little bit of nature. Part of the fun of living in a legal state, is being able to explore and have your cannabis too. You can pack a picnic, roll a joint, and be on your merry way to make the most of everything your state has to offer. So, we’re going to get you motivated. Because, ultimately, celebrating great weather means getting out there and breathing it in. So, here’s our list of suggested places to enjoy your cannabis and the world as well.

Celebrating Great Weather in Legal States

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

For starters, if you’re from Colorado, or planning a visit, you’ve likely heard of the infamous Red Rocks. You have hiking trails, music, and insane views. So, what better way to enjoy it all rather than to bring along your local, high-quality, organic greens? You could spend a whole day wandering around and hiking on the two trails and hanging out at the overlook. The red rocks are truly a site to see, and I guarantee it will be a day well-spent.

The Wallowa Mountains

Considered one of the ‘seven wonders of Oregon’, this must-see if you’re a local, or a tourist. You could spend your day hiking the trails, hanging by Bonnie Lakes gazing into the glacier water, or you could settle in for the night at Eagle Cap Summit. The point is, spending your day or weekend at Wallowa mountains is the ultimate means of celebrating great weather in Oregon. Great hiking, a tram if you need it, and glacier views make for one epic smoke sesh.

Hippie Hill

Hippie Hill on 4/20 has been a San Fran tradition that, according to legend, goes all the way back to the ‘70s and the Grateful Dead. Being that this is the first year for recreational cannabis in California, it’s set to be one of the biggest gatherings yet. Situated on the Eastern end of Golden Gate Park, you can spend your day lounging with a book, a joint, a picnic, and your best pals. While 4/20 is a great time to gather on the hill and celebrate new legalization, this is a popular spot year round visitors and locals alike.

The point is… get outdoors!!!!

You have a world of possibilities on your side. Living in a legal state boasts a ton of options for lighting up surrounded by good people and impeccable views. So, I’ll say it again: celebrating great weather means getting out there and breathing it in. It’s time to do just that.