When it comes to picking out quality CBD products, there’s a lot to rifle through. Questions such as: where does the plant come from? Is it federally legal? and, what can I expect the product to do? Every brand is different, and so is every product. But here at Weed for Wellness, we try to focus in on the best of the best. Most recently, we’ve connected with CBDistillery and gotten a little taste of their brand in form of the 2500 mg tincture. So, we’re going to tell you all about their product, their driving forces, and the men and women behind the magic. But first, let’s learn a little bit about tincture.

CBDistillery 2500 MG Tincture

When it comes to sourcing your medicine, you want to take the time and do the research. Ask questions, learn where these plants are being grown, and make sure the product fits your needs. There are plenty of them out there, and that’s why we do what we do. 

What is a CBD tincture?


CBDistillery’s 2500 mg tincture

A tincture is a solution you get when you steep the industrial hemp flowers in a solvent of some sort, typically alcohol. You apply low heat over a long period of time, and by doing so, the compounds in the plant move on over into the solvent you’ve put there. Then, you have a (very) potent extracted hemp oil. Now, you could use just that. However, many brands will add a carrier oil of some sort. Adding that oil can increase taste, effectiveness, and even onset time, depending on the oil. 

What makes tincture a good fit for my needs? 

Just like cannabis, pharmaceuticals, or any other medicine— there is no one-size-fits-all system for making your choice. Therefore, it will always be difficult to say ‘this is the medicine for you’. However, this might be the medicine for you… The CBDistillery 2500 mg tincture is a pretty high dosage. Therefore, avid users or curious newcomers alike can use it… in different dosages, obviously. 

How much should I use? 

CBD tincture will work for avid users, and new customers alike— just be sure to dose it a bit differently. If you’re unfamiliar, try a drop or two under your tongue. Wait about fifteen minutes, and if you’re not where you want to be— try a drop or two more. The key here is to start small if you’re using this particular bottle. However, I would suggest starting with a smaller dosage if so. You can find access to their 500 mg tincture here.

Remember CBD is not psychoactive. Therefore, there’s no need to try and overuse it. Find your sweet spot, and stay there until it isn’t your sweet spot anymore. This is medicine, not recreational. 

Does CBDistillery use a carrier oil? What does a carrier oil do? 

They do! CBDistillery uses coconut oil as a carrier oil for their tincture. If you’re an avid reader of Weed for Wellness, you’ve probably heard us discuss the benefits of coconut oil in tandem with cannabis plants before. Coconut oil has high levels of saturated fat, almost 80%. Cannabinoids are fat soluble, therefore those added fats bind with the CBD and make it more effective and more quickly effective,

What should I look for when buying CBD tincture? 

But, one of the most important aspects to watch out for— is growing practices, growing areas, and no pesticides. Industrial hemp is resistant to pesticides and herbicides, so for most companies, this part is easily avoidable. But, it’s the integrity of all practices which make the difference in your experience and cleanliness. 

CBDistillery in particular, is all-organic, pesticide and fungicide free, and local to Eastern Colorado. So, when it comes to ethical practice… they fall into that category. 

What was my experience with the product? 

It’s a high dosage, so less was definitely more. But, when it comes to buying a CBD tincture, they can get quite pricey due to potency. So, less is more— is a great thing. The taste was a bit more ‘earthy’, you could say, than other tinctures I’ve tried out. However, CBDistillery’s 2500 mg tincture definitely did the job. I used the product for headaches, body aches, muscle soreness… You can administer almost for the same reasons you would use, say, Ibuprofen. 

CBDistillery is a home-grown product, made by Colorado natives, with consumers in mind…

Their mission? To provide high-quality, reasonably priced CBD to those in need of proper medical cannabis. They aim to be leaders in the ‘#CBDmovement’ by providing access to research, educational materials, and making their product any-kind-of-user friendly.