Anyone who deals with migraines knows that there are few other things that do a better job of slowing you down. A migraine can strike at any time; and often, the person affected is put down for an entire day. There are a few medicines out there, but they aren’t effective for everyone. Therefore, many migraine sufferers are left to try everything and anything until they find something that works.

What some of you might not know, is that CBD oil is a pretty great treatment for migraines. It’s easy to use, it’s natural, and there aren’t so many side effects like there can be with medicine. So, for those of you asking yourself, is it worth a shot? In my opinion, the answer is yes.

CBD Oil for Migraines: Here’s the Rundown

Migraines can start any time and for any reason. Some people get them as a result of stress, lack of nutrition, allergies, medical treatment… the list really goes on and one. But one thing that remains consistent is that those who suffer are looking for a quick solution. Migraines are painful, and really hinder productivity. So, that’s where CBD can come in.

CBD oil works on the body like cannabis works on the brain… different for everyone

Before I highlight the benefits, it’s important to explain that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Migraines, just like any other ailment, affects everyone differently. Therefore, everyone is looking for a different treatment. This is why CBD can be such a great compound to give a try. It’s not a traditional medicine. So, trying it is not going to have as many potential side effects.

If I want to try it, where should I start?

Small. One of the great benefits of CBD is that it’s easy to microdose. You can try a little, and keep adding on, instead of, say, taking a pill that has X amount of milligrams in it. For someone starting out, I would suggest that you get a CBD oil to ingest orally. Drop it under your tongue once or twice and give it a bit of time. For someone who consumes cannabis or CBD regularly, I’d suggest either a few more droppers, or maybe to vaporizer the CBD oil instead for quicker onset time. The key is starting small.