As most everyone in the cannabis industry knows, CBD products are on the rise. Being that legal cannabis isn’t legal nationwide yet, many states are finding relief in CBD, and CBD-infused products. When it comes to popularity, there’s been a pretty big boom. So much so, that large companies can’t help but try and get in on the action. Enter: Coca Cola. A few days ago, a report came out stating that Coca Cola is considering the addition of CBD-infused beverages. While this isn’t set in stone, and ‘no decisions have been made’, according to the company— the possibility is being entertained…

CBD-infused Beverages? Coca Cola Considers Cannabidiol

We all know that CBD is a miracle medicine for many. From relieving pain, anxiety, inflammation, cramps, insomnia…. there are plenty of different ways that CBD has been beneficial to the general public. So, who can blame Coca Cola for wanting to get their toes wet? Aurora Cannabis Inc. is the Canadian company that Coca Cola is in talks with over CBD-infused beverages. Aurora has been considering these types of beverages for some time now as a means of expanding their market.

Beer companies in the mix

While Coca Cola is definitely considering something revolutionary, they are not the first ones to the draw. In fact, plenty of other beverage companies— rather, beer companies, have begun to invest in this idea. Therefore, no matter if Coca Cola makes the move or not, we’ll see CBD-infused beverages hit the market quite soon.

Normalizing Cannabidiol

One of the best parts about a large company introducing CBD into their products, is that we can begin to make this compound ‘normal’. Arguably one of the biggest issues with CBD, is that the mass public still cannot seem to separate the idea of CBD from THC. While these compounds are both part of the cannabis family, they are extremely different. For one, as you may know, CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, you get all of the great benefits of CBD, without the high— which can be a huge turn-off for many people. When any product comes to the masses, and people accept it— the general public typically follows in suit. Therefore, this might be just the thing that CBD needs to better it’s image problem.