One of the best things about visiting a brewery, is being able to taste all of the different options. You might sit down, grab a flight, and decide which of those four is your favorite. Having the option to do this allows you to familiarize yourself with the products, pick a favorite, and go from there. This concept, that of tasting, might just be making it’s way to Colorado cannabis. That’s right, before you know it— you might be able to visit cannabis tasting rooms before you know it. But, how does that work? And what kind of house bill might introduce it?

Cannabis Tasting Rooms: The Next Step in Collie Living?

Essentially, the way this would work, is that businesses would have to get an endorsement. A ‘marijuana accessory consumption establishment’ endorsement, would allow for licensed medical and recreational marijuana businesses to offer on-site consumption. So, this is a major move, and one that has yet to be approved. However, it’s currently sitting on the Colorado governor’s desk, and it’s the first of it’s kind.

House Bill 1258

Legalization has been around for Colorado since 2014, and since then they’ve seen monumental growth in tax revenues. So, baby steps and experimentation are a likely next step. Figure out what works, how to allow adults to consume safely in public, and allow for a more social setting for cannabis use. If HB 1258 passes, it would alter the previously prohibited public marijuana consumption law.

Those prohibitions have not really stopped consumers, as you may know. Unlicensed cannabis clubs have been flying under the radar for years now, and this might move to eradicate that.

Sample before you buy

Let’s think about those breweries one more time. By sitting in their taproom, trying samples, a flight, or grabbing a beer— you can figure out what you like. From there, you might take some product home and consume it in the comfort of your home. The key, is that you know exactly what you’re getting. You’re comfortable, you’re secure in your choice, and there’s no real guessing game. By allowing for cannabis tasting rooms, you can solve a similar problem.

Upward moves for legal cannabis

No matter whether this passes, or falls flat, it shows an upward movement for making cannabis less taboo in a public setting. This bill has become familiar to citizens, and now— they’re likely considering what the limits are; how to be more informed about what they purchase, and how to partake in responsible, social use. The Green Rush has been nothing short of revolutionary and fast-moving. In four years, Colorado has legalized recreational use and move quickly from there— benefiting fiscally over and over again from their leniency. So, for now, we watch closely and wait for the social cannabis scene to take a turn for the better.