We continuously provide you with recipes to infuse your canna butter or oil and make something delicious. We’ve also told you once before about cannabis flower honey. But for many people who can’t gain access to that— a DIY cannabis infused honey recipe is necessary. So, instead of a traditional recipe, today we’re going to give you a step by step demo on how to make your own. It’s not quite the same as the Nicholas Trainerbees original, but it will certainly serve it’s purpose.

Cannabis Infused Honey DIY: Small Batch Edition


  • 7 grams of high-quality, organic buds, decarb’ed
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 1/2 cup honey
  • two large layers of cheese cloth and a tie
  • a crockpot or immersion circulator.


  1. Start by grinding up your buds. You want to make sure you don’t have giant chunks of flower in there, as the more surface area you get— the more exposure it will get to the mixture. When you have ground buds, it’s time to make a little bundle. Take your cheese cloth and lay it flat. Add your ground buds to the center and tie it up tight. Then, take your second layer of cheese cloth and tie that over top. Security is the best policy— you don’t want your buds leaking out.
  2. In a medium jar, combine coconut oil and honey. Then, add in your herb bundle. Make sure it’s completely covered and then add to your crockpot (on low) or your immersion circulator water bath (right around 150-160 degrees Fahrenheit, not boiling).
  3. You’re going to want to leave your honey in there for a minimum or 8-12 hours. But remember, the longer you wait— the better the product typically is.
  4. Once your product has cooked long enough, and is to your liking— go ahead and pull it out of there. Allow the lid to cool a bit, then open it and pull your little herb bundle up. That thing is still chock full of honey. So, it’s time to get down and dirty— you’re going to have to squeeze out all that extra product.

Now you have a flavorful, healthy, infused alternative to putting sugar in your coffee. Use this honey anywhere. Take a spoonful, put it on toast, over oatmeal, in your morning smoothie or tea. No matter how you use it, this cannabis infused honey will likely become an instant favorite.