CBD-infused Fennel Asparagus Salad

When it comes to healthy, delicious sides— there are options abound. However, it’s quite easy to lose your inspiration, and fall into a rut of doing the same dishes over and over. Luckily, we’re here to help refresh your menu with light, tasty, infused options that you can serve at the next dinner party. Our CBD-infused fennel asparagus salad is delicious, crowd-friendly, and guilt-free…

CBD-infused Fennel Asparagus Salad: Guilt-free Side Dishes 


  • 1 bundle Asparagus, cut into thirds 
  • 1/2 Fennel Bulb, shaved or cut thin
  • 1/2 White Onion, shaved or cut thin 
  • 2 tbsp whole grain dijon mustard 
  • 1 tbsp Potli CBD-infused honey
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 


  1. Steam asparagus for three minutes and then move to an ice bath
  2. While asparagus is cooling, use a mandolin or sharp knife to shave your fennel and white onion into a mixing bowl 
  3. Next, in a smaller mixing bowl, combine lemon juice, honey, and whole grain mustard. Whisk together until blended. 
  4. Then, after lemon, honey, and mustard are combined, whisk as you slowly drizzle in olive oil. Whisk until dressing is emulsified and cohesive. 
  5. Finally, remove your asparagus from the ice bath, shake dry, and add to mixing bowl with fennel, and onion. Then, add your dressing and mix together. 
  6. Once your salad is coated, give it a taste! Add salt or pepper as you see fit, and serve!

Now, you have a delicious CBD-infused fennel asparagus salad to eat with your dinner, or serve to your guests. As always, we encourage you to infuse as wanted, or needed. This dish does just fine without the CBD— or with a little bit more. Although, we don’t suggest adding any more honey. Instead, consider an infused olive oil— Potli just released a new one that would be a perfect addition. Enjoy responsibly, infuse to your liking, and eat away!! This salad is one I just can’t ever seem to put down… 

Potli CBD Honey: The Modern Day CBD Edible

Edible cannabis and hemp are on the rise in a time when more and more people are beginning to explore the medicinal, and recreational, benefits of this magical plant. From oil infusion, to tinctures, and our latest exploration, Potli CBD honey — the options are nearly limitless for the everyday edible fan. Potli honey, in both CBD and THC varieties, is a fresh exploration into what it means to be a modern day edible, and the many, many directions you can take in reaching your desired result. But, what is it about Potli in particular that has us so intrigued? 

Potli CBD Honey: Exploring Intentional, Ethical Edibles

Potli is the pet project of two best friends, Christine Yi and Felicity Chen, who were itching to build a business from the ground up. They had full-time jobs and, at the time, were tending to Potli as a passion project. The product itself was originally intended for Felicity’s mother, who suffers from asthma — but also had a strong negative connotation towards cannabis. 

At the center of Potli’s creation, is the idea and hope ‘to change the emotional response to cannabis in so many from intimidation and uncertainty to excitement and joy’ — including their own mothers. By presenting cannabis, and CBD, within a low-intervention, familiar package, they hope to reintroduce cannabis to those who doubt and fear it. 

Potli CBD Honey

Felicity and Christine started out by producing a cannabis infused line exclusively for California— their home state. However, after a little time with their product, they decided to test out a CBD specific product. Being that cannabis/THC is not legal across all fifty states, CBD gave them an opportunity to expand their brand, and bring their product to a larger audience. 

Intentional, Ethical Products 

When asked about their main intentions for the product, Felicity and Christine stressed the importance of honest products that promote mental and physical health. No additives, nothing unnecessary— merely an enhancement of the products that nature put forth for us. Quite obviously, being that the product is honey, consumption is going to be the most common use. But, that’s not to say you’re limited by Potli CBD Honey.

Honey is popular for it’s effectiveness in fighting burns, aiding diabetics, psoriasis, and so much more. So, consider making a face mask, soothing that cooking burn, or something of the like. Honey is great for your skin, and so is CBD. Together? They might just be the perfect combination you’ve been looking for. 

Homegrown Honey

At the root of Potli’s mission and intention, is to source their ingredients in a local, sustainable, and ethical way. Take the honey itself for example: Potli’s honey is harvested from the wildflowers that grow around Felicity’s family home in California’s East Bay. 

Their Next Step? 

Nearly from the start, Potli has focused on two products— CBD infused honey, and THC infused honey. However, that’s not to say they’re a one-trick pony. Most recently, this dynamic duo has cultivated a hemp-infused, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. For anyone who uses olive oil like I do— then you know that this is a big move. You can make dressings, cook your proteins, douse your bread… The options are limitless. 

My Impression: 

When I began my journey with Potli CBD honey, I embraced it with open arms. Often times with edible CBD products, that ‘weedy’ taste can be overwhelming. However, I didn’t find that issue with this product. I added the honey to my tea in the mornings, into dressing for a yummy asparagus salad, a spoonful here and there.

Potli CBD honey was mild, sweet, and that grassy flavor fell into the background and became more of a compliment than an issue. Overall, I really enjoyed my time with this product, and consider myself a fan. The dosage is low, making it a low-intervention product, and a great place for newcomers to start. 

There are plenty of products out there to give you CBD goodness from head to toe, to belly. But not all of those products have the customer in mind. That’s simply not the case for Potli. Their products are ethical, local, and careful from start to finish. If you’re in the market for a new, low-dose edible that can be used in any number of ways— Potli is just the place for you.

Social Media Links: 

  • For Instagram link, click here.
  • For website link, click here.

CBD-infused Beverages? Coca Cola Considers Cannabidiol

As most everyone in the cannabis industry knows, CBD products are on the rise. Being that legal cannabis isn’t legal nationwide yet, many states are finding relief in CBD, and CBD-infused products. When it comes to popularity, there’s been a pretty big boom. So much so, that large companies can’t help but try and get in on the action. Enter: Coca Cola. A few days ago, a report came out stating that Coca Cola is considering the addition of CBD-infused beverages. While this isn’t set in stone, and ‘no decisions have been made’, according to the company— the possibility is being entertained…

CBD-infused Beverages? Coca Cola Considers Cannabidiol

We all know that CBD is a miracle medicine for many. From relieving pain, anxiety, inflammation, cramps, insomnia…. there are plenty of different ways that CBD has been beneficial to the general public. So, who can blame Coca Cola for wanting to get their toes wet? Aurora Cannabis Inc. is the Canadian company that Coca Cola is in talks with over CBD-infused beverages. Aurora has been considering these types of beverages for some time now as a means of expanding their market.

Beer companies in the mix

While Coca Cola is definitely considering something revolutionary, they are not the first ones to the draw. In fact, plenty of other beverage companies— rather, beer companies, have begun to invest in this idea. Therefore, no matter if Coca Cola makes the move or not, we’ll see CBD-infused beverages hit the market quite soon.

Normalizing Cannabidiol

One of the best parts about a large company introducing CBD into their products, is that we can begin to make this compound ‘normal’. Arguably one of the biggest issues with CBD, is that the mass public still cannot seem to separate the idea of CBD from THC. While these compounds are both part of the cannabis family, they are extremely different. For one, as you may know, CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, you get all of the great benefits of CBD, without the high— which can be a huge turn-off for many people. When any product comes to the masses, and people accept it— the general public typically follows in suit. Therefore, this might be just the thing that CBD needs to better it’s image problem.

Military Veterans and Medical Marijuana: An Act that Could Change Treatment of Chronic Pain

When you think of what medical marijuana can do, plenty of different things come to mind. From pain management, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia… the list goes on and on. These different conditions and ailments are wide in range. However, one thing remains the same about them: when it comes to veterans, many of them suffer in some way after serving their time. It could be physical pain, or emotional— but pain nonetheless. Up until this point, the VA and legislation has done little to interject on what medical marijuana (or MMJ) might be able to do for veterans. After all, it is federally illegal. But, on Wednesday, two Democratic senators filed legislation in an attempt to legalize MMJ for military veterans, and provide access to it. This would be a huge step for MMJ, and treatment for military veterans who could benefit from access… 

Military Veterans and Medical Marijuana: An Act that Could Change Treatment of Chronic Pain

This bit of legislation would be considered The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act. It would allow for Veterans Affairs (VA) physicians to issue MMJ recommendations in legal states. Furthermore, it requires that the VA begin to study the effects of MMJ for veterans in pain within two years of the act passing. This research could also help to determine the ability of MMJ to reduce opioid abuse amongst veterans. The act sets aside $15 million for doing such research. If passed, not only would this be a huge step for veterans, but also for MMJ research.

Opioid Abuse in Veterans 

If you’re not aware, opioid abuse amongst military veterans has been an increasingly damaging issue over the past few years. Veterans are twice as likely to die from accidental overdose. To put it simply, they aren’t overdosing on purpose. But, rather, the pain their facing is so intense that they’ll take more medicine. Then, as a result, they will overdose without the intention of doing so.

It’s not that Veteran’s Affairs systems aren’t trying. In the past few months, VA systems have treated nearly 68,000 veterans for opioid addition— attempting to heal this giant issue. They’re working on other types of treatment. The VA has begun to try yoga amongst other natural practices to reduce drug use. But, at the end of the day, when you need to treat high-levels of pain, many veterans will rely on what they know works. 

Statistics on pain

The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act sites ‘almost 60 percent of veterans returning from serving…. and more than 50 percent of older veterans, who are using the health care system… with some form of chronic pain.” Furthermore, “states with medical cannabis laws have a 24.8 percent lower mean annual opioid nerds mortality rate…”. 

This act takes time to consider not only how this bill could benefit veterans, but how MMJ has helped the opioid crisis within our country

The act guarantees that in no later than two years after the Act, the VA will take time to conduct a study on MMJ and veterans dealing with chronic pain. There is the potential to change the lives of every veteran facing pain on a daily basis. But, the act still has to pass. While we remain hopeful, the VA continues it’s effort to use types of pain management outside of pharma.

Cannuka Beauty + Health Collection: A Honey-Infused Treat for Every Inch of Your Skin

CBD products are easy to come by these days. It seems like, with time, more and more people are dropping the stigma of cannabis, and welcoming CBD into their regimen with open arms. The biggest issue for most? Sourcing a CBD product that is ethical, user-friendly, and meets the exact needs of it’s consumer. Up until this point in time, most of the CBD products you’ll see focus in on using that CBD as a medicine for their ailments; whether they be muscle pain, cramps, sprained ankles… what have ya. But what about using your CBD as a medicine for your skin? After all, the skin you live in is the only skin you get. So, it’s time to nurture it. That’s where Cannuka comes in. 

While we usually focus in on one product for these features, we found that the Cannuka Beauty + Health Collection is worth recognition as a unit. Any single one of these products will bring your skin smooth, hydrating, happy results— but it’s the combination of them all that makes the experience truly special… 

Cannuka Beauty + Health Collection: Say Hello to Honey Hydrated Skin


The Cannuka Beauty + Health Collection (the bar of soap comes with ‘Cannuka’ engrained on it…. as you can see, I’ve been using it up quite a bit)

Before starting this feature, I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks with these products to really get a feel for what they were all about. So, I dove in head first. This collection comes with: healing skin balm, nourishing body cream, calming eye balm, a cleansing body bar, and a hydrating lip balm. The range in these products means that you can use them head-to-toe, all at once, or by themselves if you prefer. 

Why the whole product line instead of just one product? 

Well, to me it was simple… I couldn’t pick just one and speak on the benefits without mentioning another. That’s when I reached out to the team over at Cannuka and told them that the message had changed. Not only is their eye balm, or skin balm, or any other product worth the love— they all are. For these few weeks I’ve been using the products, I’ve focused in on my routine. It goes a little something like this..

Cleansing body bar from head to toe— yep, even on my face which usually gets very angry at bar soap. After getting out of the shower, I’ll use the nourishing body cream on my legs, arms, and chest. Then, the healing skin balm on my neck and most of my face. The under eye? I save for that calming eye balm— which, I’ve gotta say, rivals the soap bar for my number one spot. The chapstick is just something I use religiously. Before bed, on-the-go, as needed— the usual.

The main differences I noticed started with the dry patches I usually have on my face— you’ll see I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this piece, because it’s something I battle all the time. The first time I used this line, I did so before bed. When I woke up the next morning, I felt and saw an immediate change in hydration, brightness, and the smoothness of my skin. The change was immediate, and has remained as I continue to use these products every evening. 

Why Manuka honey? 

This was something that really intrigued me from the start. What is it about the combination of CBD and Manuka honey that became the focal point of the brand? Interestingly enough, the co-founder, Kelly Bumgarner, is a PA-C in dermatology. Therefore, she was well-aware that 99% of all skin issues were a form of inflammation. So, CBD was a given,due to it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties. But, these two were looking into what else might be beneficial to add into the mix. 

Shortly into this journey, a family member made the co-founders aware that the burn unit she worked in was using Manuka honey to heal wounds naturally. In that moment, a light bulb went off and Cannuka was born. 

What’s the big difference in these products and other skin care products? 

For one, the obvious addition of CBD. Many people only think to implement CBD for aches and pains and so forth. However, the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD often get overlooked in terms of nourishing your skin. That’s what makes Cannuka so special. Not only do these products work, they’re light, not greasy, they smell natural, feel natural, and the nourish your skin. The key thing to get used to with these products is the feel of a balm rather than a cream in your hands. 

The balm is thicker, and it takes a little movement on your fingers to warm up the product and make it a truly spreadable consistency. But, the best thing about that consistency, is that a little goes a long way. I’ve found myself scooping out a minuscule amount every evening. Even after using that small, yet healthy dose on my own face, I’ll still have leftover on my hands that finds it’s way to my boyfriend’s face and under eyes. So, not only are the products effective, a little goes a long way. 

One of the goals of this brand was to launch an effective beauty and wellness cannabis brand.

In a country that still, as a whole, heavily stigmatizes cannabis, the cannabis industry, and what you can use it for— Cannuka ushers in an era of versatile use. It’s not about indica, or sativa, or getting high, it’s about finding ways to use cannabis and benefit your overall well-being. Together, Michael and Kelly Bumgarner have worked tirelessly to improve local communities, create a sustainable industry, and improve the health of people the world over. Lucky for us, they’ve created a brand like Cannuka to do so. 


To check out Cannuka’s website and social media, please follow these links:
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