Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups are the bread and butter of any grass roots movement. But these few in particular, are some of the fighting forces behind marijuana legalization, decriminalization, and medical reform. The ones we’ve included are by no means the only groups out there working to make a difference. But they’re definitely worth acknowledging. So, if you have any suggestions on other groups to include or check out, send us an email! We’re always listening!


NORML consider themselves ‘a voice for responsible marijuana smokers’ . The main focus for this advocacy group is that of ending prohibition, minor marijuana arrests, and reforming incompetent state and federal marijuana laws by all means necessary. NORML has been in operation since 1970 and has provided a means of lobbying for the interests of marijuana smokers, patients, and businesses ever since.

For Further information, please visit their website.


ASA, or Americans for Safe Access, is working to ‘ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research’ (link back). Americans for Safe Access is concerned specifically with marijuana as medicine and providing access to those in need by way of international, federal, and state recognition of cannabis as legal and acceptable medicine. Their initiative is one of serious advocacy and strategy. The founder, Steph Sherer, is a patient as well who is seeking a means of incorporation by medical professionals. The aim is to not only allow the option, but to offer cannabis as a means of treatment and cover it by insurance.

For Further information, please visit their website.


MAMMA, or Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism, has been in operation as an advocacy group since 2014. But journey did not begin so simply. For mothers of children with autism that range all over the spectrum— a one-size-fits-all treatment has been difficult to find. Not to mention, the overall lack of FDA approved drugs for autism-related behavioral problems. The lack of proper medicine left these MAMMA’s with a lot of room to explore options— which is when they stumbled across the benefits of cannabis as a tool for children with autism.

MAMMA’s initiative is concerned mainly with adding autism to the list of qualifying condition for prescribed cannabis in every state. Many people find trouble in this because of the taboo associated with children and cannabis, and to that, these MAMMA’S say: “It is not the goal to get them high. It doesn’t work like that when you do it medicinally. It decreases muscle pain, it’s an antioxidant, and for children with autism, it protects the brain from glutamate… with the reduction in symptoms, it is not about getting them high, it’s about slowing them down. Cannabis is not a cure. But a good tool to have in your toolkit.”

For Further information, please visit their website.


LEAP, or Law Enforcement Action Partnership, has had a main goal of reforming current law and criminal justice since 2002. Their focus begins and ends with efforts to rebuilding the police to community relationships. Aside from these relations, they are promoting alternative actions aside from arrest. LEAP and their team are looking to reform their system from the inside— promoting a more healthful environment within and outside of their direct organization. This group is not precisely catering to marijuana. But, it is focused in the justice that is taken against low-level offenders. Which, let’s face it, are quite often, when it comes to drugs, marijuana related.

For further information, please visit their website.


Obviously it doesn’t stop here. There are plenty of advocacy groups focusing around different cannabis initiatives. As you can see, they can range from law enforcement, to MAMMA’s, and your every day citizen of medical patient. Whether you’re a supporter of recreational use or not, there is no denying the ways in which a medical marijuana component could positively affect our communities, our individual citizens, our revenue systems, and our medical field. So, do your research, find a group that identifies with your sentiment, and join the ranks. There are plenty of ways to make a difference!